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Dechenling Beer Garden & Restaurant

Dechenling Beer Garden & Restaurant

20110924-085530.jpgLocation: Thamel, take the back alley road (many motorcycles parked there) right beside Himalayan Java/Cafe Oohlala. Look for the small wooden placard hanging, about 200 yards back.
Establishment: Tibetan and Bhutanese restaurant, also Indian/Nepali
Cost: 400-600 Nrs for a meal
Near by walking: Himalayan Java, North Face, Cafe Ooh La La
Info: 8am-10:30pm, 8am-10:00pm Fridays
Breakfast is available, aloo Dom, omelette, bread.
Tel: 4412158, 4416387

Though just a bit off the beaten path at the entrance to Thamel, Dechenling Beer Garden & Restaurant will get my business again. The understated entrance hides a beautiful garden dining area, and the grounds also include a building in the rear which should provide warmth and shelter in inclement weather. Rattan furniture and glass-topped tables provide the diner with a relaxed experience, umbrellas shade from sun and light rain. Dechenling puts enough into appearances that they have beautiful menus just like Chez Caroline. Their prices are just a tad higher than the average Nepali Bhancha Ghar, but worth it.20110924-085609.jpg
Finally, the food! Dechenling has not only Bhutanese and Tibetan food, but also offers some Indian and Nepali staples. Of course we tried the chili peppers in cheese sauce, a dish indigenous to Bhutan. Working with what they have access to, they did a great job, though I’m used to larger chilis and less cheese sauce. It was sufficiently spicy to make me think of Bhutan. The Tibetan chicken and glass noodle dish was perhaps classically Tibetan, lacking sufficient spice to make an impression, but sufficiently savory to be tasty.20110924-085601.jpg
The Tibetan bread, sliced into small triangles to make it a great dipper, was great. As far as the latter of the two styles of cuisine, this beats out Hotel Tibet near the Radisson, but doesn’t compare to Norling Gazal at the south end of Durbar Marg.
Of note: there is a small climbing wall and slide for toddlers and children. So out of place, but I think family dining there could be nice with this addition.20110924-085617.jpg

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