Saigon Pho

Saigon Pho

Location: Lazimpat
Establishment: Vietnamese Restaurant
Cost: 400 – 800 Nrs for a meal
Near by walking: Shangri-la Hotel, Bhumi, Asian Village, Le Sherpa

The amazing folks from Upstairs Cafe have taken it up a notch. Looking for a location where they can benefit from nearby westerner-traveled hotels, they’ve opened an aptly-named sister restaurant further south from Upstairs Cafe, right across the street from Shangri-la hotel.
Parking is ample for several cars, though the turn-in is sharp, so get ready! The establishment fills out both stories of an old Nepali house, and even has balcony seating upstairs. The same friendly staff rotate between the two restaurants, and the Vietnamese woman has begun cooking here, while her sister mans the kitchen at Upstairs.

The menu is physically different, hardly the “picture menu” of old, professionally printed. The array of dishes is quite similar, and the same excellent style of preparation is present here in the portfolio of available dishes. The atmosphere is excellent, the staff attentive, and if you live or visit in this part of town, Saigon Pho is a must.

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  1. This is fast becoming my favorite restaurant in the Lazimpat area. Great food, great prices and a lovely friendly atmosphere. The prawn fresh summer rolls are a must!

  2. As a Vietnamese-American moving to Kathmandu, I’m beyond excited to learn there is a Vietnamese restaurant in KTM! I’m looking forward to eating here upon my arrival.

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