Third Culture Life is all about gathering the experiences of living in a city and distilling the best information for travelers and residents alike.  The first major city we’ll tackle is Kathmandu, Nepal.  Future cities to follow, as we travel around the world. The concept of a third culture can be found here:

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If there’s information you’d like to see, or restaurants and/or establishments I should check out, leave a comment!

This site is looking for a new author! Are you an expat (preferably with a diplomatic mission or NGO) looking to tell the world about Kathmandu and Nepal? Email me!

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  1. Cool site… can I suggest t add RSS so I can get updates on our blog. A service to you and our guests

    Thomas (Tings Tea Lounge & Tings Lounge Hotel)

    • I see that IE is not automatically picking up on the RSS feeds; I’ve added links to the homepage to make it easier :)

  2. Awesome site; thanks for the suggestions. We live in the Chhakupat area and there are some really nice places you can check out around here: Dhokaima, Downtown on Pulchowk, Fuji Bakery and more!

    Cheers and happy Dashain!

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